We can help you organize a complete electoral-campaign structure.

We will train your staff and coach you during the entire electoral period as committed partners.

Strategic Analysis and Message Development

After studying the context and the culture of your potential constituency (via polls, focus groups and thorough analysis) we will propose an approach for your campaign, including messaging, imaging and slogan. We are very aware that campaigns are highly dynamic undertakings and we will make sure that we stay on track–focused and effective at every moment of the campaign.

Campaign Strategic Communications Plan

We will design a communications plan according to our initial analysis and we will remain vigilant of the twists and turns throughout the course of the electoral period. We will make any necessary adjustments and innovations to the plan in order to cultivate your messaging in the minds and the hearts of your electorate.


Creative Media Work

We will create television, Internet, radio, newspaper, billboards and other non-conventional means to convey your messages to your electorate. This work will be sustained throughout the full period of your campaign. Staying alert and creative 24/7 with fast reflexes and wit is how we help our clients win elections.

This also means cutting edge and intelligent use of social media in your path to victory.

Extended Experience

Velasco Outreach is not only a consulting firm but also a formal educational organization. It is an accredited sponsor of the Colorado Supreme Court Continuing Education Board. Velasco Outreach coaches community organizations, judges and lawyers in cross-cultural issues and also offers other types of coaching and consulting to public officials in office in the areas of: public opinion, effective mass-communication strategies for public affairs, crisis prevention, and messaging for diverse audiences.

Political Analysis

German Velasco produces a bi-weekly public program, Pulse of Washington.  Broadcast on YouTube, this show focuses on U.S. politics and the world. (See also Pulso de Washington.)

Ongoing Partnerships

In another area of services, we regularly partner with the State of Colorado, the City of Boulder and the City of Longmont in Alternative Conflict Resolution.

Productions of Radio, TV and Web Ads


Silver Hero Productions, located in Boulder, Colorado is a sister company with full professional production capabilities. Velasco Outreach offers the choice to create, direct and produce your radio and TV ads with our sister company.  Alternatively, we can work exclusively in the strategic design and direction of your media pieces with your preferred producer.

Direct Mail

We have ample experience to put to your service in direct mailings.  We will work with you to design purely high-impact mailings that complement your many other communication strategies. We always keep in mind cost-effectiveness and understanding the electorate.

The CQ Factor

Our expertise in cross-cultural communications and cultural intelligence (CQ) spans many years and many places in the world. This is a key skill that is applied in all of our work. We are experts at understanding the subtle cultural differences that render a strategy effective or useless. If you are working with a diverse audience, consider